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限時限量優惠:$100 試堂!(每週首5名成功預約



充滿運動熱忱的教練團隊會先向學員了解及討論開始運動的原因,無論是想瘦身、提升運動目標或改善健康,教練們都樂意了解,並與你一起定立目標,推動你 Keep Moving! 立即填妥以下試堂表格,踏出第一步改變。

1對1 PT/拳擊訓練 $100 (原價 $685-$1200), 包括 

  • 以Inbody 身體分析儀了解你的身體結構

  • 毛巾租用

  • 運動衣服租用

  • 運動器材

  • 淋浴及儲物櫃

  • 資深教練指導

沒有穩藏收費 不設月費及會費。

Move your first step by filling out the trial form. Let us know your goal and we will program the best plan for you. 

1 on 1 Personal Training or Kickboxing Training $100 (Original Price $685-$1200), including

  • Body assessment by the advanced InBody machine to analyse your body structure and ratio

  • Towel rental

  • Clothes rental

  • Workout equipments

  • Shower and locker facilities

  • Guide from an experienced private trainer

No hidden fee. No monthly charge. No membership fee.



Gender 性別
Reason for joining 參加原因

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